Perfect Game 2023 Premier Ohio Indoor Showcase

Sunday, February 19th – Premier Athletics, Valley City, OH



  • Showcase Format:
    • 40 Yard Dash
    • Defensive Workouts
    • Batting Practice
    • PG Tech Testing
    • Bullpens (Pitcher Evaluations)



  • Misc. Facts:
    • Over 100,000 college commitments
    • 13,889 PG players taken in the MLB Draft
    • 1,846 PG players made their MLB debut
    • Over 1M page views per day on our website
    • Over 1M followers across our social media platforms


Biggest Advantages of PG Showcases:

  • Exposure
  • Colleges do not have the recruiting dollars, nor the staff, to see every good player in the country. It’s an impossible task, and they rely on our website and social media pages for information, so they can make informed decisions about which players to seriously pursue. Thousands of college coaches and pro scouts have access to our website, and even more follow us on social media. For over two decades, Perfect Game has been a necessary tool in finding the best prospects, which makes us an incredible asset for your recruitment process.


  • Your Personal Perfect Game Profile
  • Your Perfect Game Profile provides a snapshot of who you are as a player to potential recruiters. It is what we like to call your “baseball resume”, if you will. All your numbers/metrics that you have recorded during the Showcase (60-yard dash, throwing velocities, exit velocities, etc.) are posted on your profile, along with video, a PG Grade, and a full written scouting report. All these data points allow you to paint a clearer picture of your tools and talents, which in turn makes you much more marketable to potential schools.


  • National/State Rankings
  • Every player who attends a Perfect Game Showcase is taken into consideration for a National and/or State Ranking. Perfect Game keeps a comprehensive list of rankings for grad classes 2023 through 2027, both from a national perspective and in all 50 states. It can be hard to get noticed at a tournament, as there could be hundreds of players who are playing at the same time as you. If you hope to earn a ranking, Showcases provides you with the best opportunity to do so, as you are guaranteed to be evaluated by our PG Scouting Staff.


  • Tournament Exposure
    • As mentioned previously, it can be hard to stand out at a tournament when there are hundreds of players and teams participating. By earning a ranking from one of our Showcases, you will automatically become more noticeable. And not just for our scouts, but also for college coaches. When looking through rosters, a ranking can help PG scouts and college coaches identify who to watch for during tournament games.


  • One-On-One Evaluation
  • A staff of full-time PG Scouts will be on hand during the Showcase, providing each and every player with a personalized evaluation. They will be making notes throughout the Showcase and monitoring everything a player does. Our scouting staff is highly respected in the baseball industry, and includes former MLB players and coaches, which means that you can have full confidence in their ability to evaluate. Every player who attends a PG Showcase will receive a PG Grade (1-10 scale) and full written scouting report.


  • National-Level Events
  • Participation in a regional event can earn you an invitation to our more exclusive, National-level events. We now have National Showcases for every age group. These National Showcases are the premier events of the calendar year for the given grad class, as we bring together the best players across the nation, all in one spot. These National Showcases are can’t-miss events for Division I programs.


  • Social Media
  • Social Media has become a necessary tool in recruiting and being seen by college coaches. To provide our players with even more exposure, we have made social media promotion a central focus at our Showcases.  All scout blogs and top workout results will be tweeted out on our PG Showcases Twitter account, along with individual videos of select players during defensive workouts, BP, and bullpens. Players will have the chance to be seen by our massive social media following, which equates to more than 1 million followers between all our accounts. Social media has truly opened a world of possibilities when it comes to recruiting. Coaches from around the country follow our accounts to keep up with the best players, and all it takes is one video to catch their attention. Don’t miss your chance to be seen!


Have any questions? Contact our experienced Showcase Team at or call 319-298-2923 ext. 1

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