Player development is one of the absolutes to any program or organizations ability to succeed. Carefully planned and quality team workouts are important ingredients to your athlete’s ability to develop his/her skills.

Premier Athletic’s instructional staff can offer you the best in player development with high intensity and quality workouts. Let our instructional team take your team to the next level. We offer both large and small group workouts. Choose the plan best for your team and start getting a leg up on the competition!

Team & Small Group Workouts

Team Workout Pricing: (minimum 10 athletes up to 15)
(4) 90 minute sessions (Call For Pricing)
(6) 90 minute sessions (Call For Pricing)
(8) 90 minute sessions (Call For Pricing)

Small Groups: (minimum 4 athletes - maximum 6 athletes)
(4) 60 minute sessions (Call For Pricing)
(6) 60 minute sessions (Call For Pricing)

* All team workouts are to be paid in full upon scheduling
* Team is asked to arrive at least (15) minutes prior to workout time
* Cancellations are to be done with at least 24 hrs advance notice
* Workouts will be conducted with at least (1) or more PBA instructors
* All athletes and coaches must complete our waiver and release form prior to the workout
* Waiver form is mandatory in order to participate
* Coaches are instructed to consult with the PBA instructional staff prior to workout
* No Refunds